An Adaptive and Targeted Online Training Module

An online training module as part of Australian Regional Tourism’s regional professional development program – created by industry, for industry, adaptable to the changing tourism environment.

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The Project

Leveraging first-hand industry experience, develop a captivating online training module on ‘Destination Management – The Implementation’ for inclusion in Australian Regional Tourism’s Local Government Professional Development Training Program.

The Client: Australian Regional Tourism 

Australian Regional Tourism was established to re-balance an increasing focus on tourism in urban capital cities. It is the peak body that represents regional tourism practitioners and acts as a hub for collaboration, cooperation, ideas generation, knowledge sharing, networking and more.

The Challenge

Encourage broader thinking amongst regional tourism professionals and create an opportunity for Australian Regional Tourism to set a minimum standard of knowledge for professionals starting in the industry.

The Solution

  • Craft Content: Designed interactive and captivating content to effectively transfer knowledge and captivate audiences.
  • Clear Objectives: Identified top priorities and created actionable implementation goals.
  • Case Study: Showcased the successful implementation of a DMP, offering practical insights and inspiration based on lived experiences.
  • Expert Facilitation: Guided participants, promoting understanding and application of implementation strategies.
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The Result

An immersive virtual professional development experience.

A 60-minute training session that educates and empowers audiences on effective implementation strategies within the realm of destination management planning. The module sets clear objectives, includes a real-life case study, and offers flexible virtual delivery with expert facilitation.

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Hipscotch to deliver a training module on Destination Management Planning. Cara’s presentation was not only professionally executed but also thought-provoking, and resonated exceptionally well with our audience.”

Lauren Douglass

CEO, Australian Regional Tourism

Adaptive and targeted online training for the Australian tourism industry

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Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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