Unifying Assets Under One Resonant Umbrella Brand

Evaluation of an established regional hotel brand, providing refreshed concepts to create a standout umbrella brand and strategy for Peppertree Collection.

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Case studies on unification of assets for umbrella brand Peppertree

The Project

Review, refresh and elevate an existing accommodation group’s consumer and internal brands. The project aimed to identify a relevant umbrella brand proposition, that amplifies consumer awareness, instils confidence, and propels future growth.

The Client: Peppertree Collection

Peppertree Collection offers country and coastal accommodation designed with room to breathe and exceptional experiences in mind. Guests are encouraged to reconnect with loved ones and treasure immersive moments together.

The Challenge

Aligning existing brands with brand unification. With varied brand executions across multiple accommodation assets, we were tasked with creating a trusted consumer brand umbrella, refreshed creative assets, new guest experience concepts and agile promotional ideas.

The Solution

Drawing upon our client kick-off workshop, global insights, and extensive brand development experience, we delivered:

  • Consumer Brand Strategy: Crafted a refreshed umbrella brand name, vision, strategy, and assets with tagline, defined target markets, tone of voice, unique selling points, and a mood board for asset development.
  • Internal Brand Platform: Developed a clear vision, strategy and values.
  • Creative Assets: Delivered graphic design project management to create new assets and a stand-out brand guide.
  • Final Reveal: Presented to team for lasting impact, setting the stage for new brand implementation success.
Peppertree case study by Hipscotch

The Result

Merging diverse assets into one dynamic brand

Peppertree Collection, the client’s newly adopted umbrella brand name, now has a comprehensive brand strategy with action plan, empowering them to implement their new brand across all assets, engage newly defined target audiences and showcase distinct offerings.

“Hipscotch is the embodiment of passion and industry expertise. What sets them apart is their remarkable approach to engaging clients through fun and interactive workshops that bring out the creative best in everyone. Their unique blend of knowledge and creativity is a game-changer.”

Kersti and Stuart Faulkner

Owners, Peppertree Collection

A Case study for a premier umbrella brand in Australia by Hipscotch

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Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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