Crafting Gippsland’s Food, Drink & Agritourism Strategy

A visionary strategy and action plan designed to establish Gippsland as a premier epicurean destination.

Case study for Gippslands, a Agritourism destination
Unique solutions for an australian tourism brand. A case study by Hipscotch.

The Project

This project’s goal was to create an environment resulting in increased visitor demand and yield, improved visitor experiences, business investment, and the sustainability of producers and jobs in Gippsland Victoria’s agritourism sector.

The Client: Destination Gippsland

Destination Gippsland is the Regional Tourism Board and peak tourism organisation for Gippsland in eastern Victoria. The organisation was established in 2008 with the support of Visit Victoria, Parks Victoria and the six Local Government Councils of Gippsland.

The Challenge

To propel the ‘Paddock and Ocean Product’ Experience Pillar outlined in the Towards 2030 Gippsland Destination Management Plan by embarking on a pivotal mission to create a comprehensive whole-of-Gippsland Food, Drink & Agritourism Strategy.

The Solution

A series of strategic actions, leveraging and expanding upon the client’s Destination Management Plan recommendations:

  • Stakeholder Insights Expedition: Uncovered valuable perspectives through workshops and surveys.
  • Focused Goal Setting: Identified and prioritised key goals and issues using diverse insights.
  • Strategic Empowerment: Formulated high-impact strategies to motivate the sector and address priorities.
  • Inspiring Vision: Crafted a captivating and aspirational vision for the sector.
  • Action Accelerator: Developed a practical plan to implement strategies and achieve impactful outcomes.
  • On-Brand Document Design: Professionally designed and on-brand strategy, electronic version hyperlinked for easy navigation.
Agritourism strategy case study for Gippslands by Hipscotch

The Result

Empowering Gippsland’s epicurean rise.

Hipscotch crafted a transformative roadmap for Gippsland, delivered as a destination branded strategy document, propelling the growth of Gippsland’s vibrant food, drink, and agritourism sector. The visionary strategy fosters economic advancement, product innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and an unparalleled visitor experience.

Download the Gippsland Food, Drink & Agritourism Strategy

“The Strategy and Action Plan developed is great. We appreciate all the work Hipscotch put into our project and the result reflects the professionalism, industry insight, facilitation and stakeholder managements skills of the agency.”


CEO, Destination Gippsland

Case study on Hipscotch solutions for Australian tourism brands

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