Elevating the Potential of a Thriving Tourism Venture

The creation of a persuasive grant submission aimed at securing funds to elevate Indigiearth, an established First Nations-owned tourism business.

Grant empowerment case study by Hipscotch
Indigiearth tourism venture case study by Hipscotch

The Project

The goal was to secure funding for a First Nation’s owned business in NSW, enabling them to expand and diversify operations. The grant aimed to enhance competitiveness and help businesses secure contracts and supply goods/services to the NSW Government.

The Client: Indigiearth

Indigiearth, led by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW, offers premium bush foods sourced sustainably from authentic Australian native products. With a deep passion for Aboriginal culture, Indigiearth connects people to heritage through their range of ethically sourced cooking ingredients, botanicals, and tourism experiences.

The Challenge

Compose a compelling grant proposal tailored to our client, aligning with the NSW Government’s ‘Closing the Gap Grant Program’ – Stream 2: Scale-up & Accelerate. Our objective was to secure a substantial grant of $195,000 to fast-track our client’s expansion.

The Solution

We leveraged our expertise in grant writing to craft a comprehensive submission aligned with program objectives:

  • Analyse Grant Criteria: Evaluate timelines, program goals, and eligibility requirements.
  • Determine Eligibility: Assess the client’s project eligibility for relevant funding streams.
  • Craft Submission: Fulfill all criteria and meet every requirement.
  • Offer Recommendations: Furnish ongoing guidance to the client during the submission process.
  • Review & Refine: Guarantee clarity, relevance, and alignment with program objectives.
Tourism brand venture agency partner Hipscotch case study

The Result

We successfully secured a significant funding amount of $195,000.

We secured the full requested funds for our client, yielding an exceptional 3,500% return on investment. This accomplishment not only empowered Indigiearth to expand and diversify but also validates our informed approach to securing substantial financial grants for our clients.

“Hipscotch crafted our successful grant application and brand growth strategy, accelerating my already well-established First Nations-owned business. Their strategic approach to grant acquisition and brand development is truly commendable. I’m glad to have partnered with them.”


Owner, Indigiearth

Tourism venture agency partner

Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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