An Immersive Professional Brand Development Day

An intensive one-day workshop centred around the development of an individual’s professional brand, aimed at boosting customised career growth and prospects.

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The Project

A dynamic and concentrated single-day workshop to cultivate our client’s personal brand, enabling them to stand out in their professional journey, amplifying career opportunities and reach new heights of success.

The Client: Jackie Conroy I Wine Industry Professional

Jackie is a dynamic and highly motivated senior strategic leader with a strong focus on achieving goals and delivering exceptional outcomes. As a tactical business, financial, and operational executive, Jackie possesses a wealth of experience in various domains of the Australian wine industry.

The Challenge

Supporting an accomplished senior leader during a critical phase of their life as they embarked on a career transition following a substantial tenure with a single business. They sought guidance and assistance in effectively planning their next professional endeavour.

The Solution

An immersive full-day creative workshop to unveil and cultivate the client’s professional brand. Delving into various aspects, including:

  • Personal Insights: Exploration of passions, priorities, likes, and interests, uncovering the essence of who the client is as a professional.
  • Professional Insights: Comprehensive assessment of client’s social footprint, strengths and weaknesses, influence, recognition, presence, technical skills, and extensive experience, identifying areas for growth and enhancement.
  • Brand Truth: Focused exploration of client’s ideal work-life integration model, ensuring their professional brand aligns with personal values and goals.
  • Creative Story Development: Crafted a compelling and concise professional elevator pitch to capture the essence of the client’s professional brand.
  • Asset Audit: Thorough evaluation of client’s professional assets, including images, resume, LinkedIn profile, and copy.
  • Action Plan: Developed a roadmap with actionable steps to guide client towards their next career milestones.
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The Result

The power of professional insights unlocked.

By immersing herself in this tailored mentoring experience, our client was able to unlock the power of her professional brand, gained clarity on her career trajectory, and equipped herself with the tools needed to advance towards desired goals.

“I loved the freedom to communicate thoughts freely in our creative workshop. Loved the pre-work, and opportunity to engage.”

Jackie Conroy

Wine Industry Professional

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Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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