Turbocharging a Tourism Start-Up

A nature-based accommodation project focused on creating visionary brand strategy and guest experience concepts for tourism start-up Wildnest.

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Wildness Australian tourism startup, a Hipscotch case study.

The Project

Hipscotch crafted a captivating brand strategy for a new tourism venture, with memorable guest experience concepts, designed to deeply engage target audiences through creative assets and brand archetypes.

The Client: Wildnest

Claire and Pete, nature enthusiasts turned hospitality visionaries, created two enchanting escapes: one in Capertee Valley and another in Turondale, NSW. With a deep passion for the outdoors and a desire to share what they love, they offer nature-based getaways that harmonise rugged adventure with refined elegance and comfort, a sanctuary for those seeking a break from daily life.

The Challenge

To strategically position a new accommodation venture as an aspirational nature experience in the Australian tourism sector. Boosting visitor demand, yield and attracting future investment opportunities. The client was new to the tourism industry.

The Solution

Drawing upon our client kick-off workshop, industry insights, and extensive brand development experience, we delivered:

  • Brand & Product Concept Perception Survey: Designed, distributed, and analysed.
  • Consumer Brand Platform: Identified the brand’s archetype, target markets, personas, vision, values, tone of voice, key themes, loyalty concepts, asset structure, website recommendations, tagline concepts, and mood boards.
  • Guest Experience Ideation: Developed concepts to enhance tourism offering.
  • Tourism Sector Engagement Strategy: Created a comprehensive plan to connect with relevant tourism organisations.
  • Creative Asset Project Management: Worked with client’s graphic designer to develop logo, associated creative assets and brand guide.
  • Action Plan: Delivered a concise plan leading to practical implementation.
  • Team Reveal: Presented final program to client for impactful brand alignment.
Hipscotch case study on Wildnest, a Australian Tourism startup.

The Result

Launching a remarkable tourism journey.

Our strategic steps paved the way for Wildnest to embark on a remarkable journey in Australian tourism. With a compelling consumer platform, innovative guest experiences, and effective engagement strategies, Wildnest is poised to captivate audiences and establish itself as an industry pioneer.

“We’re so appreciative of the work Hipscotch delivered for our brand. We value their expertise in helping us define who we are and tell our story. There is no way we could have dreamt up something so succinct that speaks to us and what we are trying to create.”

Peter & Claire Baines

Owners, Wildnest

turbocharging Australian tourism start-ups with Hipscotch

Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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