Unleashing the Power of a Contemporary Visitor Servicing Network

An informed strategy to elevate the visitor servicing landscape across East Gippsland, supported by a comprehensive and contemporary action plan.

Case studies by Hipscotch: visitor servicing network in Australia
bespoke strategies and solutions for a contemporary visitor servicing network in Australia. A case study by Hipscotch.

The Project

A strategic vision and action steps for the evolution of visitor servicing in East Gippsland, following a comprehensive review of the region’s Visitor Servicing model and the creation of a detailed research document.

The Client: East Gippsland Shire Council 

East Gippsland Shire Council occupies a large triangle of 20,940km², making it Victoria’s eastern most region, and one of the most spectacular. The tourism product in East Gippsland is diverse and dispersed. Visitors are invited to fall head over heels for charming waterfront villages, Man-from-Snowy-River country and superb beaches.

The Challenge

To create synergies, enhance visitor experiences, and increase destination awareness and conversion. The project aimed to engage travellers, industry stakeholders, and communities in East Gippsland by developing a contemporary visitor servicing strategy.

The Solution

We centred our approach on prioritising visitors, embracing stakeholder insights and aspirations as our guiding principles:

  • In-person Familiarisation: Exploration of existing Visitor Information Centres in East Gippsland.
  • Desktop Assessment: Thorough review of research conducted to gain technical insights.
  • Strategy Creation: Crafted a high-level visitor servicing strategy and recommendations report.
  • Consultation: Regular communication with project lead, ensuring alignment with desired outcomes.
  • Prioritised Action Plan: A concise plan leading to practical implementation.
visitor servicing network elevation case study by Hipscotch

The Result

Forging a cohesive network of visitor services.

The outcome was a top-level strategy document with recommendations to establish a unified and seamless Visitor Servicing Network across East Gippsland. The strategy guides an enhanced visitor economy by improving multi-channel visitor services, increased visitor spend, and dispersing visitors throughout the region.

“Hipscotch delivered a thorough assessment of our visitor servicing network along with a clear and concise strategy, providing recommendations and a practical plan. I highly recommend Hipscotch for their ability to pull a complex problem apart and deliver practical and manageable solutions.”

Andrew Davidson

Senior Tourism Officer, East Gippsland Shire Council

contemporary visitor servicing network case study by Hipscotch

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Let‘s spark a connection to discover if we’re the perfect match.

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